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Job opportunities

Do you want to join the Hummusbar team?
Don’t hesitate too much then, we are a friendly lot and we offer great opportunities.
Just reach out to us and shoot a mail. Join us and see how you make a difference!

About us


Everyone has their own path to walk on… our path led us to the point where we got the chance to cater the food we love to others. By doing so, we received lots of positive feedbacks and we saw many people leaving our restaurants with a smile on their faces. So it rapidly became clear to us that we should stay on this journey and commit ourselves to master the craft and do it in the best possible way.


We started small, our first restaurant’s opened its gates back in 2005, in the lovely area of Kertész street. A tiny and quiet place, offering only hummus, falafels and a couple of different salads to our guests. Today, we have quite a lot of sites scattered across Budapest and new restaurant in Bratislava. But our principles remained the same from day one: freshly prepared, tasty and authentic handmade food served with love and care. It’s simple.


Pita sandwiches for quick bite, traditional flavours in a modern way.
Hummus plates – all time favorite for most of our customers. Definitely worth checking out!
Soups, sides, special desserts and the rest of our handmade & heartfelt wonders.
We also cover everyday’s dinings with our main dishes, if you look for usual ingredients and familiar flauvours.


Eating is meditation

Our movements and repeated gestures are the ones that define our personality. What we eat and how we eat becomes part of our characters. Repeating positive movements has a strong influence of our overall hapiness.

Peaceful practice

While eating hummus there is no cutting, or hard movements. No aggressive biting or overworking of the jaw. It is a smooth, sensory experience yet still feels like a „proper“ meal.

Hummus & the attributes of life

Hummus can take any shape, be added to any food, put on any plate or dish and will always go with your flow. It is fluid yet powerful – just like water, the source of life.

Hummus is freedom

Eating hummus is an artistic expression. You are free to do it in circles, lines, outside curves or inner swirls. It`is like painting while you are eating, a relaxing movement that brings out your unique character and inner creativity – without you realising it!

Eating with touch

Eating with your hands is the basic and most natural way of consuming food, Touching the bread with which you scoop your hummus makes a personal connection to your food and it always taste better. This is the way kids love to eat, so keep yourself young!

So, in conclusion:

Eating hummus is not only good for you due to its delicious taste and high nutrition, but the very practice of eating hummus helps you to be happy, it`s a fact!


Hummus Bar franchisees are always established at high profile locations, and committed to provide the best service possible, with a strong emphasis on the quality of food we put in front of our guests. We are looking for franchisees with the understanding of how success in restaurant business is driven by overall quality and the impression we make. Providing a unique experience to our guests is also highly important: we’d like to impress our customers with exquisite flavours and quality food as well as with our visually engaging yet clean design and friendly atmosphere. If you would like to share our success and be part of our growing family, please contact us: